A Shelter in the Time of a Storm for Victims of Domestic Violence


Our Reason

Domestic Violence is an abusive behavior that one person in an intimate partner relationship uses in order to control the other. The abuse is seen in the form of emotional, financial, physical, psychological, and sexual means. The abuse is seen in such behaviors as threats, name-calling, isolation from family and friends, withholding money, stalking (in person and/or on social media), actual or threatened physical harm, and sexual assault. The abuse could develop very quickly in the relationship or it could develop and/or escalate very slowly over time.


The stories of domestic violence and sexual assault are heartbreaking. They are crude, ugly, and demonstrate the worst of humanity. The victims live in the dark shadows and in the audible screams next door. They are the continual legacy of generations of violence, manipulation, denials, and secret kept to protect the family from guilty or hide its shame. As a result, the stories revealed echo profound human tragedy and the gritty brokenness of our society. The face of the victims come from every station in life. The faces are beautiful and scarred and human.

Our Story

The Hudson Valley House of Hope was founded by Reverend Luader Smith in 2008. Reverend Smith counseled and advised her sister, Brenda, through three abusive marriages. However, she felt called to do more. After years of helplessly watching her sister suffer from the hands of her abuser, Reverend Smith dedicated all of her efforts to build a domestic violence shelter. Brenda deeply believed in her goal and desired to be a part of the vision. As Reverend Smith counseled domestic violence victims, Brenda’s dream was to style the women’s hair. Brenda consistently encouraged her sister to pursue her dream even when countless obstacles were faced. Unfortunately, Brenda died before she could step through the doors of the shelter and see the dream become a reality.


Although Brenda is no longer with us, her story continues to daily inspire us. Our logo of a woman holding a baby is a silhouette of Brenda holding her baby. And, we proudly display a picture of her beautiful smile on our wall. This picture hangs as an inspiration to Reverend Smith and as an encouragement to all who enter our shelter that there is hope.  Brenda found safety from her abusers and survived with a passion to help others. In her memory, and for the lives of many others, Reverend Smith and the Hudson Valley House of Hope remains committed to not just shelter victims of domestic violence but to educate and strengthen families. We are committed to the mission and message of hope. We hope lives will be vastly improved and/or saved by the existence of our program. We hope achievement will replace hopelessness and broken lives. And above all, we hope lives will be healed and mended forever

Executive Director

Diandria Williams

Our Board of Directors

Kathy Martin, President of the Board

Maureen Crush, Esq., Vice President of the Board

Donna Cramsie, Director

Deanna Poet, Director

Lisa Gordon, Director

Yvonne Kasper, Director

Our Partners of Hope

The programs provided by this agency are partially funded by monies received from:

Our Statistics

The statistics for the Hudson Valley House of Hope includes the individuals and children we have sheltered, the hotline callers we have provided services to, and the number of victims we were unable to provide shelter for because our program was filled to capacity from 2008 when we first opened through our last completed year end of 2016. These statistics do not include the number of individuals we have extended non-residential services to throughout the community. It also does not include the amount of people we have touched through community outreach, trainings, workshops, and awareness events.


crisis hotline calls





* Shelter stay denied because program was over capacity


Total number denied shelter


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